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Rumble Magazine releases various creative monthly projects focused the intersection between fashion, art, and innovation. RUMBLE 50, the much-anticipated annual issue, is a digital and print celebration of our top fifty Canadian creators and entrepreneurs of the year.

Defying the odds

Last month, RUMBLE chatted with Vancouver-based singer/ songwriter, Mathew V, and the designers of Toronto’s very own Mer Des Dieux, Pierre Bimwala and Andrew Nyarko. Inspired by the intersection of music, fashion, and all things in between, Defying the Odds shines a light on the reality of creating in the Canadian landscape and the necessary perseverance that comes along with it.

Mar - April 2019 / Volume 1 / Issue 5


Inspired by the intersection between fashion and music, Upcoming showcases how the two forms of art influence and create new beginnings.

Feb 2019 / Volume 1 / Issue 4

Vintage relove

Inspired by the intersection between fashion and sustainability, Vintage Relove adds a modern twist to an unapologetically ‘80s vintage look.

Jan 2019 / Volume 1 / Issue 3



Inspired by the intersection between high fashion and workwear, Walking Art showcases a modern and contemporary twist to everyday routine.

Dec 2018 / Volume 1 / Issue 2



Inspired by the combination of varying textures and colours, Cozy Up showcases a chic and classic way to stay warm this winter.

Nov 2018 / Volume 1 / Issue 1