Interview with Nada Marzouk of Authentique


Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. 

My name is Nada Marzouk, and I’m a recent master’s graduate of Digital Media at Ryerson University here in Toronto. What started as months of research, time and dedication for my Masters, has now turned into my reality! I can proudly say that I have created a platform that curates luxurious essentials from emerging Canadian and Egyptian designers.

The platform, Authentique, means genuinely representing one’s true nature or beliefs.  At Authentique, we are trying to bridge the gap between fashion and technology. We are introducing a new concept in the online fashion world - a 3D Virtual Fitting Room which allows every woman to try out her outfit before she makes a purchase online! The technology allows you to see a simulated version of yourself, which considers your body shape, size and weight. 

So, this really makes the experience more personable and inclusive. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save money and visualize the product in 3D before buying it?! In a nutshell, I see a lot of value in creating convenience for Canadian shoppers and our users do too.

Have you always known you were going to be an entrepreneur? How has starting your own business in Canada been so far?

Definitely not! Before starting my business and my Master’s at Ryerson I was working abroad in Egypt for two years at Vodafone, a leading telecommunication company, as a Digital Marketing Specialist. 

Being born and raised in Canada, I have always been surrounded by so many creative and talented individuals. However, after spending two years Egypt, I grew an attachment to my roots. I realized I really wanted to create something that’s different, and connects to my Egyptian roots yet is still in tune with my Canadian side. After personally loving a lot of the designers’ pieces that are all handmade (which are very timeless) that I have brought on to the platform today, I was confident that many women would like them too. 

Ultimately though, I wanted to make a difference in the community by helping incredibly talented female emerging designers. Throughout this whole process I discovered a whole new passion towards helping and promoting emerging designers. I also learnt how to effectively expand your local network into a completely different country. 

The Master of Digital Media Program at Ryerson really brought out the entrepreneur within me. I was able to grow and collaborate within the digital space with a lot of creative people. The program encompassed a lot of technical courses which allowed me to explore the horizon of endless digital possibilities, integrate my business background with my study as well as unleash my creative side. I am a strong believer that the digital influence today is reshaping marketing and how businesses operate, so this program was perfect for me.

Are there any people or resources that have helped you?

My Masters Thesis supervisor, Dr. Sean Wise, is an amazing mentor. He taught me the fundamentals of starting a business and was extremely supportive the whole way through. In addition, being part of the Fashion Zone at Ryerson University, Canada’s first incubator for fashion-inspired businesses, allowed me to really place my platform perfectly within the Canadian market. I really had to put myself out there attending a lot of networking events happening around the community, to make myself and my idea more familiar.

What’s your favourite item on Shop Authentique?

My ultimate favourite this season would have to the blue embellished sequinned blazer called the Chemical X by Farah Wagdy. This blazer is a great statement piece and really looks good on anyone. One of Canada’s Best Dressed 2017, Aleem Kassan rocked this piece. You can check it out here.

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